Logistics project management

Project supervisors with logistical knowledge

Logistical expertise in all steps of the construction process

A new distribution centre? Rebuilding an existing warehouse? Or a warehouse abroad? Regardless of your wishes, you will have to work with many parties. Parties with diverging interests. How do you ensure that all these parties properly represent your logistical interests?

IDS Consultancy has more than 15 years of experience in guiding logistics construction projects. We sit at the table from the very first ideas. Whether it’s the architect, the contractor, the local authority, the ‘hazardous goods advisor’ or the supplier of the racking: we are your partner for logistics project management with experience and knowledge in all phases of the project. From the idea to the aftercare.

Outsource logistics project management?

Four reasons to do it



Unfortunately, every project involves risks such as late delivery, lack of permits, lack of utilities or not being allowed to store hazardous substances. That is why risk management is so important. Do you have the experience within your company to do this?



Building or renovating is an expensive operation. And who knows all the costs of all the parties within your organisation? Who knows, for example, what a square metre of racking can cost? How much does an operating permit cost?



Is there sufficient experience within your organisation with building a new warehouse? Do you know what stages there are? When you can start purchasing what? Do you have the experience to complete this project within the set time?



If logistics projects are not your core business, chances are that your organisation is not sufficiently equipped to manage such projects and parties.

Our approach to project management

Pragmatic & result-oriented

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience in logistics project management in many European countries, we can proudly say that we have realised more than 600,000 m2 of warehouse space.

From start to finish, we are involved in your wishes: from the first sketches, via the architects, applying for permits, drawing up budgets, laws and regulations, selecting partners, purchasing land, supervising the building process on site, from commissioning to aftercare. In carrying out these tasks, we work on your behalf.

Sometimes we even use an e‐mail address and business card with your name on it. By doing so, other parties accept and respect the decisions we make on your behalf.

We take care of many of these tasks ourselves, but for those tasks that others are better at, such as facilities management, we work with partners.

Why hire IDS Consultancy?

‘Extra employees’

For your company, it feels as if you have a few extra employees throughout the project. Employees who have experience with supply chains and logistics project management.

A broad network

Looking for a property manager in France? Or a Seveso specialist in Poland? Or are you looking for the price of a paper press for your return logistics? During the project, you will have all the benefits of the broad network we have built up.

Experience in Europe

Experience has made us better. Every country in Europe has its own characteristics: from fire safety regulations to the specific costs of a square metre of building land. From the necessary permits for goods storage to handing over the maintenance to a local party. We have that experience in our DNA.