Procurement support

Support during the procurement process

Because it's not your daily job

Buy new racks, replace your reach trucks or buy a waste compactor? Such a substantial investment in logistics resources requires more knowledge, attention and care.

But what if you do not have those? Or if you are temporarily out of capacity? Or have no experience? In such cases, guidance before, during and after the purchase is very useful. In other words: procurement support. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, IDS Consultancy can help you optimally when it comes to procurement management. Discover how we can help you.

What is procurement support?

If you use procurement support, we will relieve you of all your worries during the procurement process. For example, would you like to buy racks for the storage of 50,000 pallets? Such a wish can be an excellent starting point for us to map out your requirements. Think of dimensions, weights, mode of internal transport, etc.

When we fully understand what your needs are, we take a seat ‘in your chair’ and start the procurement process. Depending on the wishes, urgency and available time, we select the suppliers (long list) from which we make a selection (short list), in order to evaluate the offers.

We will keep you informed of the progress in the meantime, but if you want, we can offer you three realistic options at the end, for example. We will list the pros and cons for you, in order to come to a procurement advice during a conversation.

After you have made your choice, we can relieve you of any worries by conducting the negotiations, coordinating the delivery and installation agreements, formalising the transfer and managing the remaining points (if there are any). Maintenance and aftercare can be part of the scope of work. We are a full-service partner in the field of procurement and logistics.

Why choose procurement support?


Sometimes, a procurement process requires specific knowledge. Suppose you want to store hazardous substances for which you have to install a foam extinguishing system in a newly built warehouse. That requires quite some knowledge of procurement logistics. Have you got it? Do you feel comfortable going through a process like this? Procurement support may then be desired.


Most companies do not purchase their logistics resources very frequently. For instance, purchasing racks for 50,000 pallets will not be something you do every year. So, how do you know whether you have thought of everything when conducting the negotiations? What is a realistic price per pallet location? What kind of collision protection do you need to buy? Which laws and regulations actually play a role? In these kinds of procurement processes, support is often very pleasant: someone who has experience with procurement in logistics and can unburden you.


And sometimes you are just too busy. In large projects, a lot comes your way. You often work on this kind of project in parallel with your regular work. So it can be very pleasant not to have to do the procurement tasks as well. Then you temporarily hire some extra capacity for procurement management.