Property maintenance & facilities management

Property maintenance & facilities management

Good management avoids higher costs in the longer term

From the first day after delivery, you want to be able to focus on the logistics processes and not worry about the maintenance of the building or malfunctioning installations, right? It is also ideal to have a property manager: a single point of contact for breakdowns, repairs and warranty issues.

Would you also like to outsource facility services such as cleaning, security and catering? Then allow yourself to be fully unburdened by having this entire package of property maintenance and facilities management taken out of your hands.

Facilities management

If you have decided to outsource your facility matters such as cleaning, security and catering, we can help you find the right partner. We have a large international network and can select the best party for you, both nationally and within Europe, conclude contracts and lay down agreements in a service level agreement.

Even after the selected party for facilities management has started, we remain involved to monitor the agreements made and are the point of contact for questions or escalations.

Property maintenance

We can also help you with the maintenance of building(s) and installations. We ensure that all preventive maintenance is carried out and that all installations continue to function properly. If there are any defects, we will of course resolve them quickly for you by making good agreements with reliable suppliers.

Furthermore, we can take care of all periodic inspections and possible statutory inspections of, for example, the sprinkler installation or roof inspection. We select, contract and monitor the right parties and act as a single point of contact for all questions relating to maintenance of property and guarantees.

Why outsource property management?

Four reasons to choose IDS Consultancy


We ensure that the (legal) inspections take place on time, so that you are not surprised by fines or even the temporary shutdown of your operation. This includes inspections of the sprinkler system and fire safety in and around the building.


Preventive maintenance prevents high costs in the longer term and ensures that the building and installations remain in good condition. The NEN 2767 standard is our starting point here.


We have gained a great deal of experience in property management in recent years. We have a European network of reliable suppliers and a large database of the prices in various countries. We can carry out a benchmark or tender procedure for you and advise you on which party best meets your specific wishes and requirements.


Do you have enough people and resources in-house to do the management yourself? We have a large network with reliable parties who can help you. In addition, we have the means to give you insight into the quality and costs and we make adjustments if necessary.