Logistics optimisation

Logistical change starts with process optimisation

A good analysis leads to the right conclusion

Is your product range or your sales market growing? Is your warehouse struggling to cope with customer demand? Would a new warehouse offer more opportunities, and where should it be located? Or do you wonder if you should keep your own warehouse at all?

Improving logistics processes is becoming increasingly important in a world where customers have more and more information and requirements, lead times are becoming shorter, land prices are rising and labour is becoming scarcer. But where do you start with logistics optimisation?

In practice, one often starts with the conclusion: “Our warehouse is getting too small!”, “We might as well outsource this process!” or “A fully automated warehouse, that’s the future!”. In reality, these first statements rarely turn out to be the best: process optimisation is an art.

We optimise your logistics

Processes, location & building

Every logistical change starts with asking questions. When you can no longer answer these questions yourself, it can be pleasant to get assistance. Based on more than 15 years of experience, IDS Consultancy helps its customers in the first stage of the logistical change. By asking the right questions, analysing existing ones, observing this ourselves and studying the plans and wishes,

we provide you with independent advice. Advice that suits your unique situation, so that you are sure that the choices you make in terms of logistics meet the wishes and the future you envision for your company. A selection of our logistics optimisation services:

Process optimisation


Do you want to improve logistics processes? Do you want to achieve better quality, higher lead times or lower costs in your current process? Or are you unable to get the bottleneck out of your current logistics process? Does it even make sense at all to carry out these processes yourself? IDS Consultancy has the knowledge and experience to professionally support these kinds of issues.

Warehouse (re)furnishing


Are you going to (re‐)furnish a warehouse? Are you thinking about the storage method, material handling or the layout of your warehouse? Thanks to more than 15 years of experience with warehouse optimisation within Europe, IDS Consultancy can optimally support you.

Location analysis


Would you like to have a network analysis carried out for a new location in an existing network? Or do you have a plot for a warehouse location in mind and would you like to have it investigated further? Perhaps you even want to merge two warehouses? IDS Consultancy has years of experience in investigating all necessary logistics aspects with location issues.



Are you thinking about a new warehouse or warehouse furnishing and wondering what it will cost? Or, even more importantly: do you want to know what the qualitative aspects are that you are going to look at and how you can compare them with each other? IDS Consultancy has built up a lot of knowledge and a broad network over the years and is therefore able to advise you optimally.

Why hire IDS Consultancy?

Experience in Europe

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience in Europe, we have a broad view on logistics. Often, that view is just a little wider than the view of our customers. Which makes sense: logistics optimalisation is our profession!

Pragmatic approach

If you don’t have the resources, time or knowledge in-house, we will quickly make your environment ours. Not to create a report, but to realise change that helps you.

Market knowledge

Which parties do you need for your logistics project? We know them. Our knowledge of the market enables us to benchmark and work with the right parties.